Nudity in Malaysian episode of Naked and Afraid riles up netizens

Naked and Afraid Malaysia copy
Netizens are clearly riled up over the Malaysian episode titled The Pain Forest in Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid programme, which was aired on April 13, 2014  in United States.

The popular reality television show produced by Renegade 83 Entertainment for Discovery Channel featured firefighter Fernando Calderon and single mother Samantha Pearson, surviving in Malaysian rain forest for 21 days.

The programme chronicled the lives of the two, who met for the first time and handling the task of surviving in the wilderness, naked.

According to a report by Rakyat Post, the episode was shot in Royal Belum Forest in Perak.

Eventhough the episodes went on air on April 13, 2014 in Discovery Channel, the netizens was shocked to find out that the whole episode was shot here in Malaysia.


The clip from the episode, which was posted on a Facebook page “Klik Like Tanda Setuju“, saw many netizens unfazed by the popularity and the premise of the programme but more concerned over the nudity featured in the show.

Netizens riled up

One Facebook user Kufazriesyah Bin Norhashimshah posted that the western media are prone to portray the wrong image to their viewers, especially when it comes to Malaysia.

“Korang tau tak macam mana mereka menggambarkan malaysia menerusi media mereka? Media kita je yang tunjuk kemajuan yang ada pada mereka… media mereka still tunjuk org malaysia ni duk dalam hutan… smpi ada sesetgh rakyat kat sana, tak tau pun kita ada bandar pesat dan mercu tanda macam KLCC, Menara KL or even Putrajaya… dalam kepala mereka cuma dpt gmbr kan kita semua ni pakai cawat lagi seperti mana yang mereka tinggalkan sewaktu ketika dahulu…”

Discovery Channel

(Do you know how they picture Malaysia through their media. Only our media that show the development in their countries and their media still shows Malaysians lives in jungle. To an extent the people there do not know that we have fast developing cities, Kuala Lumpur City Centre Twin Towers, KL Tower or even Putrajaya. In their mind, they still think that we live wearing loin cloth just as how when they left us)

A user by the name of Galdius Anixcent defended the show by posting: “They have right to be naked..and you have right to speak… what I see here is we are too young to take an alternative idea, hope we all grow up”

Another user Horlick’s Ice posted: “Anyway… what ever you wish to say… (being) naked in public is still wrong…. and uncivilised.”

Naked and Afraid Malaysia 5

There are a couple of users who tried to be objective in their argument.

Facebook user Rachel Mansa posted: “Hahahaha, this is a world wide programme an experiment on modern people how would they do in the wild without basic necessities.. Unfortunately they soon become so weak.. Even if they try to get enough basics to keep them alive for weeks in the wild.”

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Nudity is not the premise

In an interview with, the executive producer of the programme Denise Contis defended the premise of  Naked and  Afraid  by saying that they did not develop the show to be exploitative, ever.32733_ep114_036.jpg

“What we all found really interesting was, once they hit the ground, once they’re on location, within minutes, it’s irrelevant to them that they were naked, completely irrelevant, not a plot point. They were in survival mode,” said Denise.

Naked And Afraid was the number one advertisement supported program in cable among men in United States. Nielsens rating also noted that the program now shares the Discovery Channel record for the highest-rated survival telecast in the network’s history since June 2009.

The programme, which now enters its second season after being released on June 23, 2013, is easily accessed through the programme’s website.