Animal abuse: Selangor plans uniform council guidelines

Dogs and cats know love transcends haram or kosher or whatever. Puny humans should take note / Image by lilyr

Following a series of well-publicised cases of animal abuse, the Selangor government will be setting up an animal advisory committee to formalise and streamline guidelines on animal welfare for all 12 local councils in the state.

Under a committee headed by YB Xavier Jayakumar, the guidelines will provide a formal mechanism for local councils to handle stray animals humanely and address effectively the social concerns in regards to strays and the growing trend of pets as lifestyle accessories.

MBPJ councillor, Anthony Thanasayan, who sits on the the committee, says the committee will look into making spaying or neutering strays animals a compulsory guideline for all 12 local councils in Selangor.

“If they just catch stray animals without spaying them, it would be a never-ending battle,” says the disabled councillor, who has personal experience of guide and companion dogs.

He says the state committee will be engaging with the health departments of each council, encourage them to share information and duplicate the successful models particular councils.

“Frankly speaking, many dogcatchers hired by local councils don’t even know or like the dogs. Hence you don’t expect them to treat dogs in a humane way,” Thanasayan tells Komunitikini.

“With the existence of this committee, we can stipulate standard guidelines for local council to prevent misconduct,” he added.

Jayakumar, when contacted, confirmed that a committee on animal welfare is expected to convene in a month.

Meanwhile, Thansayan defends the right of local councils to terminate the life of an unwanted or ailing stray.

“When you look at the ailing animals left on the street and neglected by everyone, what quality of life do they have? It’s better to them into sleep,” he says

“Sometimes to put them into sleep is also a kind way of handling stray,” he adds.

The veteran NGO-turned councillor also urges the public to adopt a stray animal rather than just feeding them, even if on a daily basis, without taking responsibility for them.

“Feeding stray animals will not solve the problem of stray animals. If you really love the animal, give it a home,” concludes Thanasayan.