Drunk driver goes on bumper car rampage in parking lot

Some of the damaged cars

Drinking and driving is a combination headed towards disastrous acts. That is exactly the outcome of a drunk’s action at Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur parking lot.

Scott Garden is a popular drinking hub among the locals here. They have numerous pubs and are open till late.

One patron had a little too much to drink and went on a rampage of hitting other parked cars while on his way out of the parking lot in his Proton Saga. To his horror, he damaged approximately 9 cars and injured himself in the process.

He then thought of fleeing the scene but was too drunk.

Below are some of the photos taken at the scene courtesy of the Facebook page of Dashcam Malaysia:

Another victim
The driver in his damaged  Proton Saga
The driver in his damaged Proton Saga
Driver failed attempt to flee the scene



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