Luxury condos used to process drugs in Penang

Police believe they have crippled a major drug processing syndicate in Penang after raiding six luxury condominiums that were used as drug processing labs.

Police said the raids, carried out simultaneously by the Bukit Aman and Penang Narcotics divisions in George Town, Air Itam and Gelugor on Thursday, drugs worth millions of Ringgit and equipment used for processing the drugs were seized.

During the raid, carried out at 6pm, police had also detained 13 suspects believed to be members of the syndicate.

According to a police spokesman, drugs like syabu, ketamin, heroine, equipment used for processing drugs and raw material were seized at the six labs.

The spokesman said the syndicates had rented ‘Penthouse’ units of luxury condominiums before turning them into drug processing labs.

“The syndicate has also rented other units in the condominiums to be used as stores and for members of the syndicate to rest,” he said.

The raid, involving a 50-member team from the Bukit Aman Narcotics Department, Narcotics Division of the Penang Police Headquarters and the Timur Laut police headquarters, is believed to be the biggest drug bust in Penang this year.

Meanwhile, Penang police chief  Wira Ayub Yaakob confirmed the raids but did not reveal any details.

– Bernama