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Does higher education equal to higher pay?

It begs the asking, why has the median wage real increase been so low when such a greater proportion of the workforce are now higher educated?

Financial planning: all about the money, for ever after

How are Singaporeans doing in these four aspects of financial planning?

Public debt: US$70k per Singaporean?

Why is our public debt per Singaporean about nine and 17 times more than Hong Kong and Malaysia, respectively?

President guards Reserves: Really?

President Dr Tony Tan has been emphasising all along as arguably the focal point of his campaign – that the President holds the ‘key’ to the past reserves and therefore needs the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions in the future.

Malaysians with CPF: Beware?

Letter: This is not the first time that CPF policies have been changed without anyone knowing about it – no announcement in Singapore's Parliament or the media.

Singapore financial aid, alarming figures

Letter: I refer to the article “CDCs gear up for uncertain economic climate” (Aug 11), which stated that the five Community Development Councils saw 14,179 people seeking help in the second quarter, a 34-per-cent jump from the same period last year.

Saddest statistic ever: 200,000 families in need of help?

Despite numerous media reports of good economic growth, jobs creation and wage increase, I think we should be alarmed that there are so many more needy Singaporean families seeking financial assistance.

What percentage of students in our universities are Singaporeans?

Letter: I applaud the change in policy to reduce the first year admission of foreign students from the previous 20 to 18 per cent.

PAP transformation series: 12 Suggestions to reform healthcare

A dozen pithy points on improving an essential public service, some of which might also prove useful across the causeway.

More Malaysians become Singaporeans?

A Singaporean couple can get up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax rebates, reliefs, etc, when they have children, whilst Malaysian PRs get nothing. So, purely from a “dollars and cents” perspective, more Malaysians may become Singaporeans.

Pension for ministers – more disclosure, please

The Prime Minister’s Office’s statement says that “over time the pensionable component has shrunk as a proportion of total monthly salary.” What is the pensionable amount as a percentage of the annual salary?

Singapore Election: How many didn’t vote?

Since voting is compulsory, what happens if you do not vote in the elections? Your name will be removed from the register of voters.

Singapore Elections: Finding parallels between S’pore and the US in the financial crisis

Given the parallels between Singapore and the United States before and after the financial crisis, what does the future hold for Singapore's long-term prospects, and are we pursuing the right policies, right politics?

Singapore Elections: Good jobs, better pay – Really?

The statistics revealed do not seem to commensurate with the statement that Singaporeans have gotten good jobs and steady increase in real wages.

Singapore Elections: Helping the needy?

In 2010, NTUC gave vouchers that were about three times less than this year, i.e. $30.This works out to about 8 cents a day per family ($30 divided by 365 days) for last year, and about 27 cents per day for this year, to each needy union member's family who successfully apply.

Singapore Election: 25 things that may need to be more transparent?

As Singapore nears the polling date, writer Leong Sze Hian opines that there 25 things that may need to be transparent.

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