I like Sarawak contest ends, winners announced

Caleb Kuih(center), I Like Sarawak grand prize winner

After weeks and 124 entries to the ‘I like Sarawak’ slogan contest organised by Malaysiakini and sponsored by Toshiba, three winners walked away with brand new Toshiba laptops.

The contest which started on 8th of April, was spearheaded by Chia Ting Ting from Malaysiakini’s advertising department and was finalized just days before the Sarawak state election nomination.

I like Sarawak was Malaysiakini’s initiative to get people talking about the unique beauty of Sarawak and to appreciate Sarawak as a vital part of the nation.

The contest which was open to existing Malaysiakini subscribers, required them to complete “I like Sarawak because…” with their best slogan describing why they liked Sarawak.

The Judges

After the final deadline, Malaysiakini’s very own panel of judges consisting of  Mano – General Manager, Oliver – Susbcription Manager, Jess – Marketing Manager and Nick – “Creative Director”, were given the task to select the top three entries.

The deliberation process was smooth and cool, as described by one of the judges, and the decision was unanimous.

During the I like Sarawak closing ceremony on Monday, Caleb Kuih was presented with his grand prize, a Toshiba Laptop L645 worth RM2399 by Toshiba Malaysia’s business development manager, accompanied by Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran, for his winning entry;-

“I like Sarawak because…,
Its international beauty shows,
The biggest flora it has,
In jungles, the perfumed rafflesia grows.

…The exotic faunas in Sarawak,
Is a pleasant sight to my eyes,
Oh, to hear the melodious hornbill’s squawk!
And see the cheeky orangutans wave goodbyes.

Wonderful is the habitat it does have,
A UNESCO heritage it is,
The Sarawak Chamber in Nasib Baik Cave,
Biggest underground Chamber in the world it is.

Over twenty sub ethnic groups,
With each their own religion,
Yet they are like soups,
A mixture with harmony as their mission.

I hope I have convinced you,
To like and love Sarawak as much as I do,
The loving people, jungles green, and the sea blue,
This poem immortalizes Sarawak for me and you.

Shamini Joy, accepting the prize on behalf of her father Dr.Ramani

Dr.Ramani Fernandez won the 1st consolation prize, followed by Hema Latha who won the 2nd consolation prize, both received a Toshiba Netbook NB520 worth RM1349 each.