Jobless man jailed and fined for accepting RM1,200 bribe


A jobless man was sentenced to six weeks jail and fined RM10,000 or in lieu five more jail by the Johor Bahru Session Court here yesterday for accepting a RM1,200 bribe to ‘solve’ a migrant worker without permit offence.

The man pleaded guilty as charged before Session Court Judge, Madihah Hairullah and has appealed for lighter sentence in saying that he regretted his action and has a wife and children to support.

The accused is charged under Section 10(a)(bb) and 11(a) of the Anti Corruption Act 1997 which can also be charged under Section 16 of the same Act.

Under Section 16 of the Anti Corruption Act, the offender can be jailed for a minimum of fourteen days and up to a maximum of twenty years and a fine not exceeding five times the bribed amount received or RM10,000, whichever is higher.

The unrepresented accused was calmed and composed when the sentence was read out in court.

Accompanying the accused were his wife and his elder sister who later paid the fine.

Johor MACC DPP, Mohd Faizal Sadri prosecuted the case.