Kampung Cahaya Baru residents want drainage system fixed

Drainage system in Kampung Cahaya Baru, Masai are very much neglected for many years and the problems remained unsolved.

Not wanting the problem to persist, the residents in Kampung Cahaya Baru are now beginning to raise the issue of poor drainage system.

The Kampung Cahaya Baru spokesperson, Salbiah Sharom said that the concrete drainage system only covers part of the kampung and certain areas are just left as it is likened to a small stream.

“Even the existing drain culverts are broken and covered with overgrown grasses,” said Salbiah.

The residents are forced to take the initiative to clean up drain for fear that it will cause flash flood in the event of a heavy downpour.

She lamented by saying that each time we lodge a complaint, the authority will come and take photo of the affected area and there will be no follow-up action after that.

Salbiah urged the relevant authority to take immediate steps to rectify the much neglected drainage problem in her kampung.