Ulu Bendul Recreation Forest waterfall consumes 3 children

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Three sisters, Nur Syaza Alisa Syed Ahmad Ibrahim, 5, Nur Syaza Azira, 4, and Nur Syaza Sakirah, 2, went missing after they were swept away by a strong current while bathing at the Ulu Bendul Recreation Forest, today.

Kuala Pilah police chief Supt Jaafar Baba their father, Syed Ahmad Ibrahim, 28, and his female acquaintance, Alwani Abu Hasan in her 20s, were saved by other picnickers.

He said Jaafar and Alwani were warded at the Kuala Pilah Hospital for injuries. “The children were swept away by water which came gushing down the stream. It had been raining in the area since 4pm,” he told reporters at the scene.

The recreational site is located on Km 20 of Jalan Seremban-Kuala Pilah at the Angsi Forest Reserve.

He said a search and rescue operation was carried out by about 40 policemen, Rela members, Civil Defence Department members and fire-fighters.

Meanwhile, the mother of the children, Wan Azlela Wan Ibrahim, 27, was at the scene to observe the operation.

A picnicker, Turiman Bostam, 42, said incident happened very fast. “It was drizzling at the picnic area. A wall of water suddenly came down due to heavy downpour upstream.” he said.

Turiman said he saw three children being tossed into the air by a wall of water and he tried to save them but failed.

– Bernama