Incomplete works mar Puduraya reopening

Commuters and bus operators who returned to Puduraya Terminal after its reopening on April 16 generally applauded the terminal’s new look, but hope the transport authority can sort out unfinished works as soon as possible.

The reopening was marred by several technical glitches, with lifts, food courts and part of the air-conditioning systems still under construction.

Komunitikini observed that many commuters who went up to fourth floor by staircase for food were upset that the food court is not yet operational.

In fact, only one stall is open. However, its location behind a main entrance makes it hard to spot.

Contractors are also working on two lifts. Currently, both commuters and bus operators need to climb a staircase to reach upper floors.

The situation is not helped by poor connection of different sections of the terminal.Commuters need to walk through a non air-conditioned car park to reach the first floor’s ticket counters. To go to the fourth floor, they must come back through the car park again to use the staircase.





(left) Commuters have to walk through a car park to reach the staircase; (right) the unfinished food courts

A ticketing clerk, who identified herself as Fathimah, said her ticket counter still lacked air-conditioning.

“Since we moved back here, some counters have air-conditioning while some like ours must endure the heat,” she said.

She, however, applauded the relocation of all ticket counters to first floor as a good move.

Konsortium Bus Express supervisor Mohd Idbal Ismail (left) said the relocation will avoid over-crowding.

“Last time the ground floor used to be crowded with commuters, ticket counters and food court all in one place. Now it’s more spacious,”

He added that the buses are moving smooth in platform now, since only north-bound buses are allowed to use the terminal.

The bus operators also said the infamous touts do not seem to have made their way back to the terminal as every corner of the building is now manned by security guards.

Tan, a student from Penang, gave a vote of confidence to the refurbished, once notorious bus terminal.

“Last time I used to watch out for snatch thieves. Now with the new changes, I feel more comfortable,” she said.

The 35-year-old terminal was reopened after undergoing a year of renovations and two delays in opening.

The Bukit Jalil temporary terminal, hence, has ceased operations.