Community hall belongs to MIC?

A multi-purpose public hall in Taman Nesa, Johor has for years appeared to belong to the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) party.

During a survey conducted by Komunitikini recently, the majority Indian residents in the area were unable to point out where their multi-purpose hall was, and could only recognise it by the name ‘MIC Hall’.

An MIC flag could be seen flying at the hall’s compound along with the national and state flags.

“I have checked with the land office and this hall is listed as a multi-purpose hall. How can it belong to a certain party?” asked Kogilavani, of the DAP Taman Nesa branch.

The residents also claim that the hall management charges them exorbitant rental rates whenever the residents attempt to use it.

“They charge RM300 per night,” said one of the residents. “Even though the hall is not that big,” she added.

“It is acceptable if they want to charge only for the electricity and so on. But that’s not the case.”

While contacted, an MIC representative, who identified himself as Kannan, claimed that the hall was given to the party.

He also refuted the residents’ allegation that the management does not provide receipts to residents once they rent the hall space, and maintained that MIC only charges for electricity and utilities.