Locked in a kopitiam by “Ah Longs” at Taman Mount Austin

3 elderly man was locked inside a kopitiam restaurant located at the industrial area in Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru by Ah Longs.

One of the men, Chua, who is the owner of the kopitiam, said that he only realized that he and his friends were locked inside of the premises around 11pm.

According to him, the main entrance gate to his restaurant was chained and locked with an extra size pad lock. However, he managed to get in touch with few friends, whom managed to unshackle the chains from the entrance.

Chua suspects the Ah Longs were looking for his distant relative who goes by the name of Ah Hai, who has been seeking shelter from his creditors in Muar. According Chua, Ah Hai left his premises quietly some 2 weeks ago after the loan shark managed to trace him hiding there.

Chua believes that Ah Hai has already gone into hiding in Singapore and hopes that the Ah Longs will leave him alone as he is not in any way responsible for the loan taken.