Comment: Stressed? Read this

My previous article on stress apparently helped some people understand the topic better and deal with it in constructive ways.

It makes me glad.

Hence, I would like to explain how you can reduce your stress levels

I start with the most important aspect of stress; how we process it in our heads.

Yes, according to cognitive behavior, your thought affects your emotion and your emotions affect your behavior. How true!

Have you ever had a day when you were so agitated (emotion) that you could not carry out an activity(behavior) that you had initially planned? Of course, all of us have those days.

The key here is even if you one of those days, you need to know what to do to feel better.

So now we know that THOUGHT=EMOTION=BEHAVIOR. Where exactly do we need to explore and intervene? Yes, we need to intervene at THOUGHT. Have you ever heard of this line, ‘Your mind can be your best friend or it could be your worst friend, making your live a living nightmare’!

So how do we intervene? Many of us already know the answer…check our irrational thoughts. Many a time we conjure up worst case scenarios in our fertile minds, proceed to live in a nightmare and eventually drive ourselves NUTS.

How about if we take a minute, check the facts, make a list of positives and negatives, evaluate the situation, take a breather and then go back to the problem at hand? Sounds good doesn’t it?

I recommend it highly because by doing this simple yet effective exercise, you save yourself from undue stress and agitation.

Always remember…’ there will always be a way out for this too shall pass”