Wedding bells set to ring at wedding fiesta

If you’re planning to get married next year, do spend some time at the 1Malaysia Wedding Fiesta, which will be held at the Tun Razak Hall 1 & 2 of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from April 21 to April 24.

The event will include fashion shows, demonstrations, workshops, information and consultation, registrar, seminars and musical performances by guest artists along with lucky draws.

The 1Malaysia Wedding Fiesta will provide an unique platform for the community to experience different and diverse cultures, traditions and preparations when it comes to a wedding.

Also present at the pre-launch yesterday was Deputy Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, Dato Joseph Salang Anak Gandum.

“The 1Malaysia wedding fiesta is in line with the prime minister’s 1Malaysia rallying cry. We hope to bring everyone together under the exquisite and impressive array of cultures and wedding traditions of our people,” said Salang.

He also added that “with such an event coming up, we hope the people will gain more exposure and understanding towards their fellow Malaysians, who may be of different race, colour, beliefs or religions.”

In conjunction with the launching, a special 1Malaysia Wedding Fiesta web portal ( was also launched to offer a one-stop location for anyone looking for details and information on a pre-wedding preparation.

Exhibitors in the web-portal include bakeries, beauty houses, bridal boutiques, card designers, florists, fortune tellers, feng shui specialists, pelamin designers, hotels, travel agents and many more.

Admission is free to the 1Malaysia Wedding Fiesta.