Kinrara 1 apartment residents fume over high maintenance fees

Pangsapuri Taman Kinrara 1 residents are frustrated over what they deem as  “unreasonable” maintenance charges that are compounded by high interests.

These decisions were made by the Joint Management Body of the apartment. The residents contend that they were not informed of the forming of the JMB nor did they know anybody in the committee. The JMB has since appointed a company called PTC Marketing, who have imposed the charges. Komunitikini was unable to reach PTC Marketing for comment.

“The maintenance fee has been set at RM42 per month. On top of that, in March, PTC Marketing charged us an interest of RM910.78. They then added a charge of RM616.94 as a sinking fund,” said resident Saravanan Parumal, the sole breadwinner in his family after his dad become disabled in a recent accident.

“I also don’t know what sinking fund is. When I tried to ask the management (PTC), they scolded me,” he added.

He bemoaned at the bad maintenances at the place.

“For the last 15 years, residents of all four blocks have been using one single big bin. The bin is always filled and the garbage is thrown all over the place, is it what they call maintenance?”

“We don’t even have a lift, community hall, field or surau here. Whenever somebody passes on, the family has to hold funeral on road,” said Saravanan.

He said PTC employs gangsters to disturb female residents at night.

He also failed to notice any fire extinguisher despite a fire insurance charge is billed to them.

“Last month when the TNB shop located at ground floor went into fire, we have to pour buckets of water from upstairs to put it out,”

Four hours of water supply

Nurul Udah Alim rents a room at block B. She is one of them whose water pipe was tampered.

“I come back from work at 2am everyday. After getting my baby to sleep, I go downstairs to install a rubber tube at the damaged pipe. Then I can do the washings and laundries,”

“But I must go down to disconnect it again before 6am,

She said she paid her rent on time every month, but her housemate who is dealing with the landlord does not seem to do things in order.

“She keeps saying she will pay, but until now I still can’t get water supply,” the Indonesian migrant said.

The residents also have been demanding their strate titles. Selvam Lognanathan (right), a unit owner, confronted the management staff last month over the strata title. Despite having paid up his housing loan, he has not been given his strata title.

He urged MPSJ to intervene to solve the problem.

Unauthorized JMB?

A source who did not want to be named told Komunitkini that the developer Puchong Teamwork Corporation has not held any meetings with the residents to form a JMB prior to the appointment of PTC Marketing.

According to Building and Common Property Act 663, every apartment developer is obligated to organize a meeting to form a JMB within one year of handling over the keys. The source however can’t recall it ever took place

“When we raised the question to MPSJ’s commissioner of building, she told us we already have a JMB, thus the appointment of PTC Marketing was valid,”

“I was shown with a name list of eight residents in the body, but I can’t recognise anyone of them,”

“For the past 13 years, we have not held a annual meeting,” he said.

The MPSJ commissioner of building, Tee Siew Bee admitted that the flat indeed has no JMB.

She said it is the common problem faced of low-cost apartments as the purchasers were not interested in joining the JMB.

She said the developer appointed the management contractor directly, but she declined to comment whether that was legal.

He said PTC also engaged gangsters to disturb the female residents at night and spilled paints.