Johor Bahru: Public health service delivery

In our series of news report on the delivery service of public health in Johor Bahru, citizen journalist went over to Hospital Sultan Ismail, Mount Austin, and talk to some people to get their comments.

Sheela who is accompanying her diabetic mother-in-law to seek medical treatment, said, generally the services provided in the hospital is good except for the acute shortage of parking lots which led to indiscriminate parking thus inconveniencing other car parkers.

Whereas Zul, from Larkin area related how his wife has to wait for 4 long hours after before she was transferred to a normal ward after delivery the baby.

He said, the hospital should seriously look in to resolving the understaffed problem in the hospital particularly in the labour and maternity ward.

Nonetheless, Zul commented that he is happy with the overall service provided and the hospital staff are polite.

Meanwhile, fifty-nine year old Ng Kwai Tai, from Taman Mount Austin, commented that the hospital should look into extending preferential service for the children, the disabled and senior citizens who are there to seek medical treatments.

She said, she and her wheelchair bound mother have to wait closed to an hour before being examined by a doctor and followed by another hour of waiting to get her medicine.

Ng hopes the hospital administration can do something to minimise the long waiting time which can be stressful for the children, the disabled and senior citizens




Siew-Mei, Citizen Journalist