Plight of the Orang Asli in central Pahang 2

Penderas, located off the highway between Temerloh and Taman Negara, has a big population of Orang Asli of the Jahud tribe. They have lived and toiled in the central jungles of Peninsular Malaysia for generations.

53 years on after Independence, most are still living in abject poverty and at the whims and fancy of the powers to be.

A group of 3 citizen journalists, Akmal Ariffin, Rajeswari and KSTan vistited the Orang Asli settlements around Penderas and spoke to some of them on their livelihood and education opportunities for the children.

This series of 5 video interviews tells of the plight of 5 individuals in raising their families, making ends meet and the future of their children.

Recently they have been barred from entering the Kuala Krau Forest Reserve which has been their ancestral hunting grounds for generations.

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Video by Akmal Ariffin, Rajeswar & KSTan, Citizen Journalist