Hulu Selangor : A tense moment

A Barisan Nasional supporter whose house is situated within 50 metres of the ‘no-campaign’ zone was forced to shutdown their “pondok panas” after a complaint lodged by PKR’s taskforce.

Prior to the arrival of the task force BN supporters was allowed to wear dress/T-shirts with their party logo. Even voters were allowed to walk into the house to check their electorate details.

After immense pressure, the  Election Commission and police was forced to place signage declaring the area a campaign-free zone and remove all posters by both parties. The police also demanded all BN party workers to remain inside their houses or change their dress.

Earlier, an election commission officer refused to provide an official complaint form and instead asked PKR to get it from the district office . No voters was allowed into houses to avoid vote-buying activities.

Video by S. Arikrishnan, Citizen Journalist