‘Penempatan’ the Ugly Part of Kota Kinabalu

‘Penempatan’ has always been a troublesome spot; usually associated with PTI.

Kota Kinabalu has one, call Kg Numbak, a stone’s throw away-behind the city’s grandiose buildings, namely: the Yayasan Sabah-Tun Mustapha Building, the Sabah’s State Assembly Building and the most recent one, known as 1 Borneo- Borneo’s biggest shopping mall ever.

Kg Numbak has about 5,000 people. Road and sight leading to the kampong isn’t pretty by any standards; roads are gravel, filled with rubbish and smelly. While the sea view is fantastic, it really is questionable why penempatan has to be at this prime land?

Not many would like to come to  this place, even locals without being accompanied by someone familiar with the area.

Video by {Amde Sidik}, Citizen Journalist