Bersih 3.0: Not just another yellow march

My country my responsibility - I shall shoulder it.
We find creativity in protests.
High state of discipline maintain - all in right place - Bersih.
True Malaysian: I don't understand Tamil but I share the aspiration for a clean and fair election.
We constantly remind each other - Anti Lynas and Bersih 3.0.
We constantly remind each other: Green and yellow
Malaysians working and living in Singapore - We still love our country.
Anti-Lynas green campaign speaker.
Even small ones are taught to feel concern for the nation
Standing tall and protesting with Jalur Gemilang.
A quest for a colourful Malaysia.
Sitting for a chang.
Three is a crowd
Law enforcement.
Human boundary.
Malaysians working and living in Singapore: We want a better future for our country.
Bersih's eight demands.
A fist for change
Bersih...Bersih...Hidup Bersih!!
All in love with "Yellow"
A farmer protesting using Chinese calligraphic art.
A mother teaching her little girl not to be indifferent.
Truly 1Malaysia
A clean aftermath - not litter found in the vicinity
Over 3000 people was reported to have supported the rally in Johor.
Uncle knows what he wants.
Having a field day.
Being Malaysian in every single way.