How to prepare a meal with radioactive ingredients?

Sneak into the kitchen with director Woo Ming Jin as Y.B. Fuziah a.k.a. Chef Wani of TV Tiger Fame (and close friend of Lee Ah Seng) cooks up a feast for her VIP guests.

Once you’ve seen her in action in the kitchen, you may not want to mess with her again in the house.

“Love dish” is the opening film of our “Survival Guide untuk Kampong Radioaktif” project.

It will be released at 10.00pm this sunday, 13 november 2011.

The 3 remaining films will follow on a weekly basis.

“Orang Minyak XX” by Yeo Joon Han: 20 November 2011

“Welcome to Kampong Radioaktif” by Liew Seng Tat: 27 November 2011

“Lai Kwan’s Love” by Tan Chui Mui: 4 December 2011.

All films will be released at 10.00pm, Malaysian time (and we don’t mean
Half an hour late).

Visit our youtube channel: http://www.Youtube.Com/user/kampongradioaktif