Green living showcase in Johor points consumers the way forward

Johore Area Rehabilitation Organisation (JARO) recently organised an event to promote green living.

Products and new ideas were showcased to promote a lifestyle that is kinder to nature. There were DIY soaps, lunch boxes made from sugar cane bulk and a waste disposal machine that helps convert food leftovers into fertiliser.

Johor Green offers a new concept that eliminate the middle man from the distribution of vegetables, directly from the farm to the consumers. Consumers finally have a say in how their vegetables are grown.

Malaysian Nature Society Johor Branch (MNSJ) was there to promote their activities which include bird watching, scuba diving, mountain climbing and cycling. MNSJ chairman Vincent Chow hopes to educate our children not fear the jungle.

Lots of beautifully handcrafted baskets, books and bags were displayed by JARO.