They walk across fires in Kampar

Kampar- The Nine Emperor Gods Festival also known as ‘Kew Ong Yeah’ came to an end yesterday with the significant fire-walking ceremony in the evening.

The fire walking ceremony attracted various devotees from Kampar to join in the rituals as a way to cleanse bad luck or illness.

Before the fire walking rituals took place, many of the devotees gathered in the temple to help set up the premise for the ceremony and eagerly awaited for the ceremony to begin.

At the scene, Komunitkini met caretaker, Samy Roy, the third generation in his family to be in-charge of the temple.

According to Samy, the Sum Sun Sin See Nine Emperor Gods temple in Kampar was built 75 years ago during the time of his grandmother. When asked about the history of the temple, Samy stated that previously the temple was only a small wooden house and now has became one of the well known temple across Malaysia.

Samy also reiterated that it is a must to come back the temple to perform rituals during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

“No matter how far we go, we still need to be back to temple to perform rituals.

“We must have a pure heart and believe the Nine Emperor Gods will protect us during the fire walking ceremony”. 

He also added that he would like to take this opportunity as a way to thank and appreciate the help of volunteers who came forward to help the temple throughout the nine days festival and made it a successful one.