Ark Care centre provides free hospice care

ARK Care Centre participated in the Non-profit Charity Organization Expo 2012, held in Sutera Mall, Johor Barhu, for the sole purpose of fund raising for its community services.

According to Lydia Kun, visiting executive of Ark Care Centre, the services they provide are absolutely free.

Ark’s objective is to provide a centre where terminally ill patients are provided with hospice care.

She said some of their patients can no longer eat solid food, so they provide fruit juice and oatmeal to sustain them.

Lydia said they have another centre that offers a place where single mothers are taught tailoring, baking and handicrafts.

She also said single mothers are burdened financially when they have to leave their children at day care centres.

She said presently they have some volunteer teachers who come in to help take care of the children and single mothers can go to work without worries.

According to Lydia, there are more and more single mothers from the ages of 20 to 30, and some of them have such low self esteem they do not want to leave the home.

Lydia shared about the case of a mother from Sabah, whose young child had heart problem.

The child stayed in the hospital for one year, upon discharged they had no where to go to.

Lydia offered them a home for two months and later collected funds to send them back to Sabah.

She said the child will be back next year for CT scan, she hope the public can help fund her treatment as the father is earning RM1000 only and has to support four children.

Video by: Christine Leong, Citizen Journalists Malaysia

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