Unbearable stench from rubbish dumps at SS26/20, PJ

The residents of Lily Apartments and surrounding area near Taman Mayang Jaya park at SS26/10 are faced with real health and hygiene issues due to the illegal rubbish dumps at the car-park area facing their apartments for many years.

Since one of the rubbish dump is very near to one of their main entrance, the smell and stench from the rotting rubbish is intolerable. Flies can be seen everywhere at the rubbish dumpsters, including rats.

The car-park pavements are also filled with giant pot-holes, making cars difficult to be parked or driven.

One of the concerned resident hope that their local residents’ association can take this complaint up seriously with MBPJ and that immediate action can be taken to clean-up and upgrade the car-park area.