SMS hoax aimed at Kedah CM

ALOR SETAR – The owner of the mobile phone number allegedly sent short message service (SMSs) stating Chief Minister of Kedah, Azizan Abdul Razak suffered from a stroke, denied he was the person responsible for spreading the SMSes.

When contacted, the man who claimed he was from Qatar, could hardly speak Malay and was more comfortable speaking in English. He said he did not send the SMS and was unaware of the matter until now. “Currently I live in Simpang Kuala and have been in Malaysia for over three years. I have been using this number for almost 2 years now” he said.

The alledged, claimed he did no know Azizan but have heard of him. He refused to provide any information of who he is or where he resided or worked. However he was notably upset, asking numerously, “Where did you get my phone number from? Why are you asking so many questions of me? ”

Earlier, Press Secretary to the Chief Minister, Muhammed Helmi Muhamad Khalid said that the Chief Minister was healthy and has been attending many occasions including Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)’s convocation ceremony on 26 September, and meeting with PAS Central leaders in Gombak, Selangor on 28 September.

He further stressed that Azizan also worked as usual at his office in Wisma Darul Aman on 29 September, attended a wedding ceremony, came back into the office and went home about 4.30 pm.

Azizan was also reported seen at PAS 60th Anniversary celebration held in the Millennium Hall, Kepala Batas yesterday.