Najib to table motions to repeal two acts today

Najib Razak said the motions to repeal the Restricted Residence Act 1993 and Banishment Act 1959 will be tabled for first reading at the Dewan Rakyat’s sitting today.

The prime minister said the move to repeal the acts showed the seriousness of the government to bring about a transformation in the interest of the nation’s progress.

“Tomorrow, I myself will table for first reading the motions to repeal the Restricted Residence Act 1993 and Banishment Act 1959, and the second reading will be on Wednesday the following week.

“So with this, the first week of the Dewan’s sitting, we will show that we are serious about political reforms that we promised for the country,” he said when opening MCA’s 58th annual general assembly yesterday.

“The principle the government holds to is that that we must have the right balance between human rights, civil liberties, public order, harmony and security,” said Najib.

However, he stressed that those who try to upset peace and harmony would be dealt with according to the law.

In his Malaysia Day message on Sept 15, Najib had announced that the Internal Security Act (ISA) would be abolished after two new acts to deal with national security and terrorism were enacted.

In the same message, he also announced that the Banishment Act  would be repealed and that there would be comprehensive review of the Restricted Residence Act, Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and Section 27 of the
Police Act 1967 which governs public gatherings.

– Bernama