Johor Bahru: Wushu show for culture lovers

Every  Saturday, at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, the cultural street of  Johor Bahru, there will be programmes lined up for Johoreans who are interested in cultural events.

This week, as usual, teachers, instructors and students from the Lee Wushu Arts Workshop (LWAW) performed on that special evening.

The Artistic Director, Lee Swee Seng told Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) that he has learnt the wushu at the age of 11.

He felt thankful that with what he has learnt, he now has a lot of opportunities to attend wushu competitions at the national and international level.

Lee also said that wushu is not only for health and self defence, but also as an art form for the young and old. .

Therefore, he has managed to combine the wushu interlaced with dances to attract the young ones.

Lee teaches 16 primary and secondary  schools with over 1,000 students and 70 from his studio.

He also stressed that wushu is a culture  regardless of age and race.

He has students from England and Canada.

He even has Malay and Indian students in his workshop.

Naveen ,17, said that ‘I have learnt Wushu martial arts for about 8 years now’.

He is encouraged by his mother who bore a special interest in the Chinese martial arts.

Lee captured in a photo with his students
A few students gets ready to perform
The audience watching the show as two students takes the stage
A student poses