Black Sunday 3.0 Rally: Sabah Calls for Drastic Action on Illegals Issue

The SORAK group showing their readiness to hold gathering.
The SORAK group all set for Black Sunday 3.0

The “Black Sunday 3.0” rally organized by Solidariti Rakyat (SORAK) together with the United Sabah Alliance (USA) and other local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are all set to take place at Gaya Street on October 18, Sunday.

SORAK’s spokesman, Jamain Sarudin said the Black Sunday gathering hopes to highlight the problems of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

He also said that a notice has been given  to the Karamunsing Police Station on Monday as a normal requirement and the police have informed that they have no objection to the gathering. However, they are yet to obtain permission from City Hall who are the authority over the proposed venue.

The three main demands of the rally is that the Sabah RCI Technical Committee expedite drastic action on the RCI report which was released in December last year; to cleanse Sabah of its illegal immigrants; and finally to issue Sabah IC’s to genuine Sabahans in accordance with the existing laws.

Jamain has urged the public to support its cause by joining the rally which will commence at 10 am at Gaya Street by wearing black T- Shirts. Participants are encouraged to wear face masks in view of the current hazy weather conditions.