MB Perak Enggan Berjumpa dgn HMS

As the residents of Ipoh Garden East battle against the building of the columbarium in their residential area, Hindraf Makkal Sakti (HMS) fume against the decision by the Perak State government to build it’s state’s first Non-Muslim crematorium on part of a hindu burial ground in Buntong.

Numerous attempts by HMS to meet with and discuss the issue with Perak’s Menteri Besar YAB Dato’Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir was met with a no show. This spared a revolt against the MB’s claim on being a minister in service of the people’s needs. 

P.Ramesh, the secretary of HMS, Malaysia, claimed that the reason they want to meet with the MB is so as to elicit a response regarding the memorandum they sent him on August 5th pertaining the protest against the building of a non-muslim crematorium on a century-old Hindu burial ground in Buntong.

“Because the MB refuses to meet with us and solve this situation diplomatically, we will request for a a meeting with the Sultan of Perak, and if all else fails, we will take this case to the courts.

“We are deeply disappointed with the MB’s reaction to our needs as he has continuously claimed to be in service of every Malaysian but seem to be evading the minority of this country. This is a MB who is not conscious of the needs of his people,” lamented Ramesh.

Vijaylingam, Secretary of HMS, Perak, said that the Perak government needs to reinstate the rights of the Indian community. “Just because we are the minority, that does not mean the state government can neglect us. The MB is not only for political gain, for power and majority support, he must also look into the problems of the minority.”  

Video by {GV Shan}, Citizen Journalist