What kind of planning is this?

People in this district have been asking questions as to why the two Sekolah Menenggah namely, Sekolah Menenggah Pengiran Omar 1 and Sekolah Menenggah Pengiran Omar 11 were built very close to each other -a stone’s throw, I would say. What’s the rational?

Sipitang District occupies an area about 2,732 sq km, nearly three and a half times the size of Perlis. Logically, the most convenient and ideal place for Sekolah Menenggah is Kg Mesapol.

While the end of the video is another classical example, the primary school of Kg Merintaman has been built at a cost of many millions. Yet until today only four classroms are utlized.

Video by {Amde Sidik}, Citizen Journalist