MPSJ councillors oppose PJS 7 project, council president adamant

Barely three months after concerns over whether the development of a tower violated plot ratio regulations, the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) full-board meeting today saw a similar debate, this time regarding a project in PJS 7.

Councillor K Arumugam disagreed with the decision of the MPSJ One-Stop Centre (OSC) to approve Ceria Pujangga Sdn Bhd’s application to increase the number of units in its project from 109 units to 629 units for one tower, and from 166 units to 332 units for the other.

Arumugam noted that this would represent a three-fold increase and will certainly raise the traffic density in the area near Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

MPSJ president Asmawi Kasbi, however, said that technically, the increase in the number of units to be built will not result in a similar increase in plot ratio, which would remain at 1:5.

“The developer only changed certain apartment units to the smaller soho (small office, home office) units, maybe to accommodate the student population. It does not affect the plot ratio,” he said.

Councillor R Rajiv then joined the debate and said the new plan shows a sharp increase in the number of floors and therefore it should be reviewed again by the OSC.

Asmawi (right), however, stood by his decision and said residents who are unhappy with the approval could lodge an appeal with the State Planning Committee.

He added that a dialogue session with the residents will be conducted in January.

Two bridges to be built in MPSJ

Meanwhile, the much-awaited pedestrian bridge to link SS13 to SS14 in Subang Jaya has finally made progress as Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) has opened a tender for the project.

Asmawi said that JKR, which is supposed to build the bridge, is in the midst of considering tenders.

In Puchong, the proposed Puchong Utama interchange should materialise soon, as Asmawi has pledged to write to the Selangor state government to request funding for the RM25mil project.

Councillor T Michael said the project, which is situated between Batu 14 and Puchong Perdana, was proposed by the council at the residents’ request.

“But we only have RM8.9 million for the moment, so we would like the state to help us [with funding],” he told Komunitikini.

Aedes mosquitoes found in hotels

On a side note, Holiday Villa hotel was fined five times by MPSJ for each aedes breeding ground found on the hotel premises.

Golden Horse Hotel received four fines and Sunway Theme Park, one. Each compound carries a RM500 penalty.

MPSJ also decided to revise downwards the bulk waste collection charge from RM60 to RM50 until further notice.

The council has taken over the domestic and bulk waste collection from Alam Flora since October.