Photo blog: We and everyone else got married on 11-11-11 in Johor

The once-in-a-lifetime date 11-11-2011 saw 91 star-struck couples tie the knot at the main hall of Wisma Tiong-Hua, Johor Bahru.

Heads turned as happy couples grinning from ear to ear sealed the deal to spend the rest of their lives together in front of three assistant marriage registrars.

Below are pictures captured by Citizen Journalist, Eric Ku.

A hall ready for the ball
This is how it all begins, down on bended knee
Family and friends flank the newly weds
Some think back on the good ol' days
The matrimonial arch: trust, friendship and posing for the camera
Mass support for the mass wedding
Picture almost perfect
United we stand in cheese
Sealed with a kiss
Cupid would consider this a tremendous success