Family alleges bias in MMA inquiry proceedings


Image by hamma


The family of deceased Lisa Ten Lee Sa, 17, from Kulai, Johor, who died in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur two years ago, alleged at a press conference here recently that the inquiry board set up by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) to investigate the cause of death was unjust and biased.

Lisa Ten was suffering from leukemia and the family alleges that she died as a result of the hospital and the attending doctor’s negligence.

Ten Ah Swee, 46, the father of the deceased, said there were three inquiry proceedings held to-date and that “what irked us most, is the way the inquiry board chairman conduct himself which we found most of time biased and favouring the private hospital administration and the attending doctors.”

He added: “During the first inquiry, the inquiry board chairman questioned me about my complaint against the private hospital administration and the attending doctors insinuated that my complaint was baseless and insignificant. The inquiry board chairman even asked me to withdraw my complaint against two of the doctors out of the four doctors named.”

Ten asked that the MMC replace the inquiry board chairman “with someone who is capable to conduct the proceedings with fairness and transparency even if the outcome of the inquiry may not favour us. I am contemplating to initiate legal action against the private hospital if the inquiry proceedings progress unsatisfactorily.”

Meanwhile, state assemblyman for Senai, Ong Kow Ming, who is representing the deceased’s family said, he hoped that the inquiry proceedings would be conducted fairly.

Ong recalled that during the third session of the inquiry proceedings, he was even denied the right to speak and pose questions to the doctors.

Ironically, he added, “What surprised me was, the (members of] private hospital advisory panel were even allowed to make statements during the proceedings presumably on behalf of the inquiry board chairman.

“Under such circumstances, it clearly showed that the inquiry proceedings were not conducted fairly and was biased,” alleged Ong.

Ten said the family had sent a letter to the president of Malaysian Medical Association last month on the inquiry proceedings and hoped that appropriate action would be taken to ensure it will be conducted fairly.

“I hope the MMA will start monitoring all inquiry proceedings held around the country to ensure that the interests of the public and patients be protected,” he added.